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Sanitary works executed by HFP nationwide

In HFP Sanitary Installations we design the project you need and execute it, fully complying with your requirements. Our customers can attest to our commitment to quality.
Some works carried out by HFP Sanitary Installations :

Sanitary works executed by HFP nationwide

  • Construction of Pavilions and basic beds Hospital de Linares
  • Enabling basic beds Regional Hospital of Talca
  • Habilitation of neonatology and pediatric rooms in Curicó hospital
  • Enabling pavilions and delivery rooms Curicó hospital
  • MOP Offices and Road Workshops- Linares
  • Consistorial Building Municipality of Contulmo-VIII Region
  • Enabling offices and nutrition rooms Hospital de Curicó
  • Construction of the Local Prosecutor’s Office of Linares

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